As the temperature rise across the country, we start to turn to our AC units and depend on it in keeping us cool and comfortable. But at times, we are heading to that thermostat, switching it on and then all of a sudden, nothing happens. It is then we realize that the air conditioning is broken and go into panic.

So to be able to avoid such thing from happening, there are tips at http://ambientedge.com that you have to apply to make sure that your AC is in optimal condition.

Tip number 1. Clean the condenser and compressor coils – these are basically the key components in your HVAC system as they’re the one in charge for pushing cold air into your business or home. In order to clean them, you have to remove the fan guard and spray the buildup off.

Tip number 2. Check the coil fins – at times, the coil fins is bent and as a result, it impedes the smooth airflow. A fin comb may be used in straightening the blades so by that, the air moves more freely.

Tip number 3. Make sure that the outdoor unit is level – for years to come, the platform to which the AC unit rests will sink or even shift. Every few years, take time in leveling out the ground below your unit so by that, the refrigerant can efficiently flow more. If you’re not certain if your unit is level, simply grab the level from the toolbox and then, sit it on top.

Tip number 4. Change the filter – depending on the kind of Las Vegas HVAC system your location has, it’ll be necessary to clean or replace the filter. Normally, this has to be done at least every 3 months but this depends on the type of system. If you fail changing the filter, then it is going to make the AC to run harder and let the dust as well as dander to slip through into the breathing air.

Tip number 5. Clean the evaporator coil by using a mixture that’s 50 percent bleach and 50 percent water – much like the filter, this is vulnerable to dust and dirt buildup. Since this piece is accountable for creating cold air, any type of residue is going to impede this process.

As you take time on checking your air conditioning unit on a regular basis, you’ll be doing your part in ensuring that the system is working fine throughout the season.


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